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Archives / 2015 / January
  • We just  have added a new EventIDE element, called Cedrus XID. The element monitors button presses, button releases and line states on the Cedrus input devices that support the XID (eXperimental Interface Device) protocol. The supported devices include the RB Series and Lumina response pads, StimTracker marker and SV-1 voice key. Initial testing of the new element confirmed its reliability and timing accuracy (the latter exceeds capacities of standard PC keyboards).  If you have the Cedrus hardware and would like to try the new element, you can download  the most recent EventIDE build on the website. EventIDE wiki contains an article on using the Cedrus XID element.

  • Recently, EventIDE has got a new feature extension for real-time signal processing. It may sound complicated, but the new features are very simple to use. For example, with a few mouse clicks, you can launch monitoring and analysing EEG channels at the background of any experimental task. This post gives an overview of the new features, but first, you may watch our demo video: