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Archives / 2015 / October
  • EventIDE uses a modern, hardware accelerated platform for GUI graphics, but in some cases the GUI could appear quite sluggish. The major GUI performance bottleneck is the property panel that lists properties of selected objects,  such as events or element. When a new object is selected the property panel must generate a separate GUI control for every property. These controls include textboxes, dropdown list and popup editors. In an object has numerous properties, like Text element, its selection feels quite slow, taking a second or two to complete.

  • XAML markup language is one of advanced features in EventIDE. XAML allows creating and editing vector graphics and interactive GUI layouts, both in the stimulus and status screen. Structurally, the XAML language resembles HTML providing a rich collection of tags, called elements. However, memorizing all XAML elements and their properties is not an easy task for a new user.