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Archives / 2015 / June
  • Recently, we have expanded the EventIDE features with a new eye-tracking analysis AddIn.  The implemented analysis performs real-time detection and labeling of fixations and macro/micro-saccades in eye-tracking data.  The detection results can be plotted on the status screen,  saved into a file, or used to control a flow of the experiment.  You can add the eye-tracking analysis to any experiment designed in EventIDE.

  • EventIDE stores stimulus materials compressed inside of the main experiment file. When an experiment is loaded, the materials get unzipped into a temporal folder for a run-time use. This model, albeit convenient in many cases,  becomes too slows, when you use large video files as stimulus materials. Eventually, that such files need to be copied every time, as an experiment is opened, which can lead to annoying waiting times.