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Highlights of the upcoming EventIDE update

Tags: update, EventIDE, features

We are glad to announce that a release candidate for the upcoming update of EventIDE is available for download. The release candidate accumulates all changes, fixes and improvements made in EventIDE over the recent period. The release candidate is intended for last testing before the official update will be published.  Some highlights of new features are overviewed in this post. 

Eye Tracking

The eye tracking engine in EventIDE is significantly reworked. We added support for the most affordable eye trackers, such as EyeTribe, Tobii Eye X, Gaze Point and Mirametrix. Other changes are related to gaining better performance and reliability and  usability improvements.  Now users can enable eye-tracking in EventIDE without writing a single line of code.


New GLM calibration procedure

The update offers a new calibration procedure for all eye-tracker models, which is very simple, and fully customizable with extra options for the ‘infant mode’. The calibration results are detailed, can be visualized in several ways and easily validated.

image         image


Visual designer for eye-tracker logs.

EventIDE grants access to all raw data sent by a particular eye-tracker model and allows to synchronize it with stimulus presentation and other events. Using the new log designer you can select relevant data fields and customize the output format of the log files.



Behaviour Monitoring


Live charts and statistics

New Chart element provides standard statistics estimates  and various visualization options for arbitrary data sets.

image image image




Gaze position monitor

New gaze position monitor allows real-time monitoring of participant’s gaze position over a replica of the stimulus screen



Tracking heap maps

New heat map element is capable of generating heat maps of gaze positions in selected events.



Web cam control

New video surveillance AddIn allows real-time monitoring of participant’s behaviour via a webcam. Other surveillance functions, e.g. synchronized  video recording, are in development.


All monitoring information can be saved into files, extending the data collection options in EventIDE.


New Stimuli


3D stimuli

With the new 3D viewport element you can render dynamical 3D models, which are loaded in the popular 3D formats, such as Wavefront obj and Autodesk 3ds



Wide-gamut visual stimuli

With new ViSaGe AddIn you can seamlessly generate and present 12-bits stimuli on the Visage and Bit# systems (Cambridge Research System



Gamma Correction

Now you can define and apply a custom gamma correction in experiments for each of the RGB channels.



Changes in UI


Material list manager

New material list manager simplifies creating large stimulus sets and coping them across multiple elements.



Element ribbon tab

New elements panels aggregates elements across the entire experiment. Several grouping modes allow any element can be quickly found and accessed.



Important Notes

If you would like to try new features in the release candidate, you can download a portable version and use it in parallel with the old version of EventIDE. If you download the EventIDE installer, you will need to uninstall the old version of EventIDE. Note that the new version is not backward compatible- experiments saved in the new version can not be loaded into the old version.