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New versioning system in EventIDE

Tags: EventIDE, update

EventIDE is under continuous development such that bug fixes and new features are added weekly. The major updates are released less often, because we need to carefully test overall stability of the program, to make sure that your old experiment don’t break on a update. In order to give you a access to new features in advance,  we are introducing a new versioning system. All minor updates, which we called builds, will be published on okazolab website, on the download page (see a screenshot of the new download panel).


The build will be indicated by a release date, for example 18-may-2014. We will also publish a short info about build’s content on the okazolab social pages. You will be kept updated and can always choose whether you want to wait for a stable major update or probe new features of the latest build.  For example, the build from 18 may 2014 adds a new control panel, in which you can define gamma correction for your monitor.